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Potente amplifier

This amplilfier is a result of cooperation between Båsund Audio and Forsman
Mono block. Potente
Specialized bass amplifier, but suitable also as fullrange.
Class D.

This amplifier is specially designed for Silenzio trio,
and it's recomended to use in combination with Potente Amp.

It is made in polished stainless steel.
The cabinet is 3 mm thick front plate 10 mm thick.

Connectivity options for USB.
Adjustment: Crossover frequency variable.
Volume control.

Logo: 14 carat Gold
Power button made of the same rock type as the loudspeakers

Technical data:
Depth: 470 mm
Width: 200 mm
Height: 150 mm
Weight: aprox. 5 kg
Single RCA
300 w rms in 8 ohms.
600 w rms in 2,3 ohms.

230 V 50 Hz