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Silencio trio

This product is a loudspeaker for the livingroom where the cabinet is machinecarved out of a massive block of stone.
Polished surface, joint's and resonance free.
Specially desined and adapted for each speaker element.

Three cabinets make up one complete speaker, which cover most frequencies. This rests on a base which has speakerterminals on the back. The speakerterminals is designed for bi-wiring. It requires 2 amplifiers, one for tweeter and middle range and one for the bass.

All of this rests on a plate which is 50 mm thick and has the same design. The connections between the cabinets are in highly polished rustfree steel.

There are 28000 different types of stone in the whole world which can be used for this purpose.


Height: 104 cm
Breadth: 56 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Weight: 245 kg each (depending on the type of stone)
Sensitivity: 93 db
Load: top 4 ohm / bottom 2 ohm.