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This loudspeaker is based on a theory by Båsund:
The combination of physical design and choice of material, (Dr. Krokstad added material thickness) makes this solution so strong that the cabinet will resonance on frequenzies above 2,5kHz. This equals the midrange. Conclusion: You get a cabinet without self produced resonance.

Comments from Asbjørn Krokstad, Professor Emeritus, Doctor of Acoustic Engineering, Institute of Teletechniques of Norway.

The idea is based on a loudspeaker cabinet made of stone with separate, but connected, 'teardrop-shaped" cabinets for the bass element, middle tone element and treble element.

Stone is a excellent material for loudspeaker cabinets. The material's large weight and large inner muffling ability reduces the risk of unwanted resonance vibrations of the cabinet walls.

The proposed form of the cabinet is interesting. It allows for the possibility of correct positioning in relationship to each other, and reduces the unwanted effect edge defraction.

It is also aesthetically interesting as a piece of furniture.